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 Meet Sharon! She is one of the newest additions to the 5 Pound Fam and we already couldn't love her more. Read our interview with her below to learn more about her!


You are such a real and down-to-earth person. Have there been any experiences in your life that you believe have helped shaped you into the level headed person that you are today?

  • Growing up in New York, there is definitely a culture of straight-forwardness! Even though it isn't always the best to be blunt and it is important to act and speak with grace as well, it has definitely influenced my way of communicating. On top of that, I have walked through some pretty painful seasons in my life and I really believe that has given me a healthy perspective on life. It has reminded me of what truly matters and taught me to never waste a second by being anything BUT authentic. Life is confusing! And complicated! Sometimes being ourselves is all we can do. So I try to be my best at it.


You have such a interesting and engaging blog! Could you tell us a little about why you started blogging?

  •  For a long time I've followed blogs and enjoyed a lot of the content. However, I felt that there was a need for some more genuine outlets in the I created one! Though blogging about the latest DIY trends, new thrifted finds, and adventure photography is so fun... Freely Ronnie is meant to offer something a bit deeper. I started my blog to ask the questions that no one wants to ask and pretty much, just be real! It has been one of the absolute best learning experiences and adventures. Plus, I've met so many amazing people through it! 

How would describe your style?

  • I guess I'd say that right now my style is just relaxed! As much as I wish I had a closet full of more Free People boho clothing or Hackwith Design House basics, I'm a recent college grad with have a super limited shopping budget... As in thrift stores and clearance racks. So I wear whatever I want and whatever I have! And do my best to own it.



What are some of your favorite brands that we carry?

  •  I am in love with Krochet Kids and United By Blue! Krochet Kids is the most personal brand I have ever come across. The unique signatures of the people who helped make each product are a constant reminder of the impact one makes with just one purchase! Not to mention, their products are some of the softest, comfiest ever!! United By Blue hits home for me. I grew up on the ocean on Long Island, NY. Therefore, any brand that helps clean up the ocean will hold a special place in my heart.

What is your favorite part about working here?

  •  The shared passion between so many beautiful people! I am inspired by my coworkers every day! I feel so lucky to go to work knowing that I will be surrounded by people who share the same vision of making a difference in the world, one step at a time!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

  •  In 5 years, I will be the owner of my own company that I'd like to run out of my own home. As a homebody, this is VERY important to me. I will also still have my blog...spreading bits of meaningful conversation day by day. I'd like to be living back on the East Coast near the ocean with my soon to be husband, Jake! I'd also like to have some sweet tattoos. A few lifelong friends. And a dog :)

Sharon studied Marketing at Evangel University and she is about to get married in a few weeks! You can learn more about her on her blog

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