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Springfield Things

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Have you ever thought Springfield was a little… strange? We aren’t talking about the World’s Biggest Fork or Bass Pro’s cult-like following; we’re talking about Springfield urban legends and secrets that even the most passionate Springfield resident might not know. Here are some of Springfield’s creepiest places that you can check out for yourself-if you dare...
Landers Theater
The Landers Theatre has been a Springfield staple since the 1920’s, where it began as a vaudeville performance space and went on to air some of the first silent films. It comes as no surprise that this historic building may be home to a few ghosts. Beginning with a janitor that was killed in a tragic fire during the 20’s, patrons and staff members claim to see him walking around the theatre and even speaking to night workers. Some hear a baby crying during rehearsals and performances, attributing the sound to a baby who fell from the balcony long ago. Next time you’re enjoying a live production, just make sure you don’t take any uninvited guests back home with you. 
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Phelps Grove Park
When you take a leisurely stroll in one of Springfield’s most beautiful parks, keep an eye out for this infamous ghost bride. The legend is that while driving through Phelps Grove Park, a newlywed couple were killed in a car accident. Ever since that day, the bride is said to be standing silently on (or under) the bridges that lead to the park, holding up the hem of her dress. 
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Pythian Castle
This piece of Springfield history served as a home for wayward women and their children until 1942 when it was turned into a rehabilitation center for wounded soldiers in the US military and a holding place for prisoners of war. If you dare to venture down to the basement, a German POW is said to haunt one of the cells. You can actually take ghost tours and venture to an underground tunnel at the castle if you happen to be brave enough. 
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Albino Farm
Springlawn Farm, also known as the Albino Farm was supposedly home to a physician who conducted experiments on albinos. Legend has it that the souls of the people he tortured still haunt the grounds of the farm. While this is confirmed to be entirely false, the abandoned building still stands in disarray and is often visited by local skeptics. 
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Pensmore Mansion
The craziest Ozarks conspiracy is that of the Pensmore Mansion, a giant home in Highlandville that supposedly has many hidden secrets. The building is currently under construction, but some think this is a front for a government/Illuminati hideout in case of a disaster. In addition to this crazy theory, there are people who think there are a series of escape tunnels under the mansion that the government can use in case of emergency.
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Regardless of if you believe these bizarre tales, you have to admit that there might be more to the Ozarks that meets the eye. In the end, I think we can all agree that Springfield has a strange side, and that is one of the many things we love about it. If you feel the same, stop by either of our locations or shop online for our new ‘Springfield Things’ tee. 
Laura Payne | June 27, 2019

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