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The Pact behind the BackPact!

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5 Pound Apparel has a new collection, and it arrived just in time for Back to School! BackPact is one of our many projects that directly gives back to the Springfield community, and we’re so excited to share it with our awesome customers! The purchase of one of our backpacks donates a backpack to a child in need in the Springfield Public School district. Also, our backpacks don’t just help our local schools; they have lots of cool features that will help you stand out this school year (and the years to come).

A few of the perks:

Our backpacks come in 5 different colors so you can express your personality in the hallways, at work, on the trails, or on campus. You can choose from Olive, Lavender, Mustard, Grey, or Blue. (Blue only has limited quantities left, so be sure to hurry before they run out for good!)

Once you’ve picked out a color, you can be assured that these backpacks are tech-friendly! They are all large enough to hold a standard laptop, (17" x 12" x 6" to be exact) and they have a sleeve so that you can separate your tech from your supplies. There’s also built in USB link port so you can charge your phone in one of the pockets. The other pocket can hold a water bottle or whatever else you could think of. 

While our backpacks are stylish and savvy, they are also very durable! They have a roll-top, multiple buckles and zippers to keep things secure, and two handles so that weight can be equally distributed. We made these backpacks with all of YOU in mind! 

You can order or reserve one of these awesome backpacks online at or you can come see us at either location to see their awesomeness for yourself. Be sure to follow us on Instagram at @givebackpact for updates and to see how buying products that give back positively impacts our community!

Laura Payne | August 14,2019

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