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We are quickly approaching the most wonderful time of the year. There will soon be a chill in the air, hot cocoa in our mugs, and love in our hearts. Even though our world is becoming increasingly technological and commercialized, everyone can agree there is nothing quite like spending quality time with the ones you love during the holidays. Why does shopping for them have to be any different? We at 5 Pound Apparel want to challenge you. We want you to get out into your local community and shop small this holiday season.

It seems like people always talk about how the holidays have lost their magic, but maybe that’s because we see them as a competition. Who can spend the least amount of money? Who can make the least amount of trips to the mall? Who can buy the most gifts without even leaving the house? For these reasons alone, holiday shopping is a stressful affair and has become completely separate from the comfort and joy we’re always hearing about. We want you to know it doesn’t have to be like that.

Here’s a quick economics lesson: for every $100 spent at a local or independent business, $68 stays in the local economy. This means when you shop offline, your hard-earned money is going back into your own community, where owners, employees, and artisans are working hard to make you and your loved one’s holidays meaningful. Most local businesses have gifts and an experience that you can’t find online. You will be greeted by unique products, a welcoming environment, holiday music, decorations, friendly smiles, and, most importantly, a working heater.

We hope you take the challenge we’ve posed to you this year. Take the time to explore everything your community has to offer this holiday season and put storefront shopping back onto your holiday checklist. Plus, everything you purchase at 5 Pound Apparel will provide to those in need. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving. When you shop local, your loved ones (and your community) will thank you.


Laura Payne | Nov. 23, 2018

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