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Get Gifty with It!

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The holidays are the time of giving, but a few of you might be haunted by the ghosts of gifts past. Maybe this is due to a gift you gave that you just knew wasn’t a hit, or maybe you received a gift that didn’t quite jingle your bells. No matter where you find yourself, we all know that person who always knocks gift-giving out of the park. Assuming they either have too much time on their hands or they possess some sort magical Christmas powers, we merely admire them from afar and head to the drugstore (again) to pick up gift cards that will stuff the stockings. If you’ve ever wanted to break this habit and become the gifter you always envy, look no further! Here’s five tips that will make you a better gift-giver.



Gift an Experience

    This is a gift-giving strategy that is literally backed by science. Studies show that no matter what relationship a gift giver and receiver have, gift receivers feel closer to the giver after receiving an experiential gift. Lots of people think that an experience gift has to be extravagant, but it can be as simple as signing the both of you up to volunteer during the holidays.


It’s The Thought That Counts

    Noticing what your loved one is drawn to or what they are passionate about should add some ease the gifting process. Plus, it’s a lovely bonus gift for the recipient to know that their loved ones are paying attention. Sure, material gifts are fine, but remember what about the holidays that stands out through the years: the love that you feel. Expressing this love through a thoughtful note or a small present with a personal touch will mean something to even the Grinchiest people in your life.

Do A Little Stalking

    While we don’t encourage overstaying your welcome on your friend or family member’s social media profile year-round, an exception can be made for this time of year. A quick search and a scroll will most likely show you their interests, hobbies, and what means the most to them. If you're still stumped, ask a mutual friend, significant other, or family member of theirs. They’ll most likely know what the person has their eye on. This way, you can be a little more charming than demanding a comprehensive wish-list, but you can still get them something they really want.

Presentation Matters

    You’re probably familiar with the phrase, “time is money”. This also applies to the art of gifting. No matter the monetary value of the gift, a little wrapping paper and/or a bow go a long way. This in itself shows the recipient of your gift that you care and put thought into making their gift an experience rather than an afterthought.

Give A Gift That Gives Back

    You knew this was coming, right? The best kind of gift is one that spreads love and joy to those you care about as well as people who need it the most around the world. Every purchase you make at Five Pound Apparel will give back to someone, somewhere. When you give someone a gift from Five Pound Apparel, you can also tell them the story of generosity that comes with it which will make your gift that much more special.

   Hopefully this list has inspired you to look at gifting from a new perspective. Giving a gift the ones you love the most should not be a stressful affair, but rather an experience that reminds you of the joy of the holiday season. Lastly, no matter what presents you buy this year, make sure you are giving love and positivity as well.  


Laura Payne | Dec. 6, 2018

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