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The Giving Key

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It is amazing that words can make us feel so many different emotions and how one word alone has the power to cause a positive or negative paradigm shift in our lives. Words even have the ability to tear others down or build them up. According to a study by Harvard Medical school, words can nourish the brain or damage it, especially during the years of brain development.

It seems as if the creators of The Giving Key understand this.

The idea behind The Giving Key is straight forward. Each key has one simple yet powerful word stamped on it that holds a great deal of cognitive meaning. Some of these words include faith, hope, inspire, strength, love, and dream. Once you receive or purchase a Giving Key you must eventually give it away to a person that you feel needs the message more than yourself.

The Giving Key takes something as ordinary and seemingly useless as an old key and recycles it into something creative and purposeful, which we believe is metaphorical for the way in which these keys renew life. Each one is made by people who are in the process of transitioning out of homelessness and provides them with an income to create a better situation for themselves.

Each key represents a new start.

You can find The Giving Key at either one of our locations, and you can read stories about why people gave theirs away here. Thanks for reading!

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