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  • Moma Embrace Stoneware Mug
  • Moma Embrace Stoneware Mug

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Moma Embrace Stoneware Mug

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Introducing the "Moma Marvel" Stoneware Mug—a distinctive addition designed to enhance your retail store's appeal, specifically crafted for those seeking a thoughtful and personal touch. Ideal for Mother's Day or year-round appreciation, this artisan mug features the endearing term "Moma," elevating it to more than just a cup—it's a heartfelt expression in every sip. - **Generous Capacity:** The "Moma Marvel" holds 300ml, ensuring a satisfying experience for enjoying favorite beverages. Retailers, elevate your product selection with the "Moma Marvel" Stoneware Mug—an enchanting combination of thoughtful design and functionality that will resonate with customers seeking a blend of style and sentiment. *Note: COASTER IS NOT INCLUDED
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