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10 x 10 Challenge

Fall 2018
If you missed our Spring 18' challenge, no worries. We are hosting a Fall 18' challenge starting September 1st. All details and guidelines for the 10 x 10 challenge can be found below. 
 We are hosting an in-store 10 x 10 challenge workshop, August 31st at our Farmers Park location at 6:30 PM. We have complementary treats and refreshments. During the workshop we will give you a sneak peek of the 10 items we have chosen for the challenge. We'll discuss the What, How, and Why you would want to try a 10 x 10 Challenge with us. We will always give you tips and tricks on the types of garments you want to chose when selecting pieces for your challenge. Plus, you will get an exclusive discount to use that night.
At the end of the day, this challenge will hopefully inspire you to create an entire capsule wardrobe someday. Which will in turn help you to become a better shopper for yourself and become a more conscious consumer.
For our first workshop, we will be limiting the number of attendees just to not overwhelm ourselves and our guest. If you'd like to join us, please sign up above or below:

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