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The Giving Keys

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When someone mentions the phase “Pay it Forward”, I immediately think of Starbucks or some type of drive thru. When you pull up to pay for your order and the cashier tells you the person in front of you paid for yours. Thus, causing a ripple effect of kindness. Isn’t it just the best feeling that someone just made your day causing you make someone else’s day? Which bring to an awesome company that has built a foundation on the Pay it Forward model.


By now many of you have seen or heard of The Giving Key. Yes, the necklaces with the keys on them. The mindfulness behind the company is to buy the necklace and give it to someone that may need some encouragement. Buy it for yourself when you need some inspiration then pass it along to a friend or stranger when you are ready to encourage someone else. Create your own ripple of encouragement and inspiration.


The Giving Key started to take form in 2008, when the founder and CEO Cailtin Crosby stayed at a hotel where they used real keys for the doors. She thought it was so unique, she started wearing it around her neck on a chain. She had “Love your Flawz” engraved on the key as a daily reminder. One day realizing that in a way we’re all like a key – unique, flawed, and scarred. She had a bunch of keys made with inspiring messaged on them and gave them out to anyone she felt needed encouragement. By 2009, the keys gained popularity but Caitlin knew that there would be more to this. When Caitlin met a homeless couple in Hollywood she invited them to dinner, where she learned that Cera made jewelry. The couple started working for her the next day. In 2010, Caitlin created a website for people to share their stories about their keys and named the website “The Giving Keys”. That is when the company really began! The Giving Key works with Partnership with Chrysalis, a workforce development agency for homeless individuals.


Companies like The Giving Keys are the reason stores like 5 Pound Apparel exist. We strive to carry brand that matter. Brands that give purpose. Most importantly, brands that GIVE BACK!

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