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 The global apparel industry is valued at 3 trillion dollars, annually. Think of all the jobs, positions, and people that make up the fashion industry. Fashion is always growing, changing, and switching gears. At the same time, the fact that it never stays the same is what so many of us love. Most people think clothes, shoes, and bags are being made in a factory somewhere around the world. That may be a common practice in the fashion industry, but there are a few companies that are doing things a little different.


JOYN is a socially-conscious fashion brand that creates 100% handmade handbags. These bags are made by real people in the Himalayas that need steady jobs, medical assistance, education, vocational training, or even just a daily meal. The founder of JOYN is Melody Murray. She moved her husband and two small sons to Rajpur, India to provide this opportunity of giving people a chance at dignity, and to pull themselves up/out of poverty. JOYN’s mantra is, “The more hands that it takes to make the products, the more jobs we are able to create.” They have invented a system of purposeful inefficiency that drives every decision within JOYN.  Everything is done by hand. Each bag is uniquely constructed with hand-pressed, spun, and woven cotton. The patterns are created by a technique called wood blocking.  Wooden blocks are carved by hand and then the design is pressed on to the fabric.  These artisans are reviving an ancient traditional art form that is native to India and date to before 220 AD. 

 “Using fashion to create better lives” – JOYN handbags 

Watch this video to see how JOYN is changing the lives of people in India.

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