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Partnering with Ozarks Food Harvest

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Last week, we launched our new line of 5 Pound Apparel Tees in celebration of our new partnership with Ozarks Food Harvest!


Through this partnership, for every 5 Pound Apparel Shirt you buy, 5 pounds of food will be donated to someone in need living in the Ozarks.

Bryan Simpson, the owner of 5 Pound Apparel, shares his thoughts about this exciting venture below!

Q: What is the original meaning behind the name “5 Pound Apparel”?

A: The original meaning was that we would provide 5 pounds of food to an organization in rural Nepal. Since our original partnership, that organization transitioned to more of a healthcare role under the name Possible ( and do absolutely incredible work. We'll continue to support them moving however we can. 

Q: Why the switch to a partnership with Ozarks Food Harvest?

A: When we first started we had this crazy notion that we were going to 'change the world' - something that we're committed to today. There's no doubt that places all over the world are in desperate need of assistance and aid, but it's easy to forget that people in your own community are in need too. The partnership with Ozarks Food Harvest gives us a chance to fulfill our commitment of giving back - and 'change the world' - in our own backyard. 

Q: What are you hoping will come out of this new relationship?

A: We've always supported nonprofits financially but one of the powerful tools of our store is creating awareness to problems locally and globally. Most people in southwest Missouri wouldn't know that 1 in 4 people are food insecure and we hope this partnership gives them the knowledge and the tools to make a difference. 

Q:  How can customers be a part of that mission?

A: Of course we'd love them to wear our shirts but there are so many ways: donate to Ozarks Food Harvest (, volunteer, or simply spread the word to family and friends. Our community is awesome and I think we can do a lot of good together. 

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