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Meet Jonathan! He is one of the new additions to the team and you can learn more about him by reading our interview below.


1. So, you are a really good cook and a few of us have been lucky enough to try some of the food you have made! Is there a reason that you enjoy cooking so much?

  • Honestly, I love making food because it's edible art! I love cranking some tunes in the kitchen and getting to work cooking something good. I just get into my zone and start experimenting with different flavors. I've had some flops for sure, but I've had some pretty happy accidents too!

2. We love getting to see your photography and videography work. When did you discover your love for film in general?

  • I got my first camera when I was 14 yrs old- it was a mini-DV tape recorder. I soon began filming Christmas, vacations and youth events at my church and then I began to edit short videos with some basic software. A guy at my church took me under his wing and I started interning at his office during the summers where I'd shoot and edit videos all day. I figured out I had a knack for it and it became my passion. I recently returned from studying in Los Angeles where I further focused my passion to pursuing cinematography.

3. Do you have a favorite video project or film that you have worked on?

  • Earlier this year I shot a short film noir entitled "Tinseltown" directed by a friend also studying in Los Angeles. Film noir was a genre I've always wanted to try and I had a blast experimenting with low-key lighting and obscure camera angles. To date it's some of my best camera work and it was incredibly fulfilling.

4. What is your favorite thing about working at 5 Pound Apparel?

  • I just love the fact that everything gives back. I didn't apply to work at Five Pound because I wanted to work at a clothing store, I applied because there was actual meaning behind the position- a reason to fuel going into work everyday. I like to look at it as bringing a little bit of heaven to earth with every purchase made.

5. Do you have a favorite line that we carry?

  • I'm a big fan of Free Clothing Company's  t-shirts. They have some killer designs and I pretty much want all of them!

6. Where do you see yourself in five years?

  • Five years I see myself getting established in my cinematography career. I'm not sure where that will take me in terms of location, but that comes second to fulfilling the need I have to shoot beautiful images.


 Meet Sharon! She is one of the newest additions to the 5 Pound Fam and we already couldn't love her more. Read our interview with her below to learn more about her!


You are such a real and down-to-earth person. Have there been any experiences in your life that you believe have helped shaped you into the level headed person that you are today?

  • Growing up in New York, there is definitely a culture of straight-forwardness! Even though it isn't always the best to be blunt and it is important to act and speak with grace as well, it has definitely influenced my way of communicating. On top of that, I have walked through some pretty painful seasons in my life and I really believe that has given me a healthy perspective on life. It has reminded me of what truly matters and taught me to never waste a second by being anything BUT authentic. Life is confusing! And complicated! Sometimes being ourselves is all we can do. So I try to be my best at it.


You have such a interesting and engaging blog! Could you tell us a little about why you started blogging?

  •  For a long time I've followed blogs and enjoyed a lot of the content. However, I felt that there was a need for some more genuine outlets in the blogosphere...so I created one! Though blogging about the latest DIY trends, new thrifted finds, and adventure photography is so fun... Freely Ronnie is meant to offer something a bit deeper. I started my blog to ask the questions that no one wants to ask and pretty much, just be real! It has been one of the absolute best learning experiences and adventures. Plus, I've met so many amazing people through it! 

How would describe your style?

  • I guess I'd say that right now my style is just relaxed! As much as I wish I had a closet full of more Free People boho clothing or Hackwith Design House basics, I'm a recent college grad with have a super limited shopping budget... As in thrift stores and clearance racks. So I wear whatever I want and whatever I have! And do my best to own it.



What are some of your favorite brands that we carry?

  •  I am in love with Krochet Kids and United By Blue! Krochet Kids is the most personal brand I have ever come across. The unique signatures of the people who helped make each product are a constant reminder of the impact one makes with just one purchase! Not to mention, their products are some of the softest, comfiest ever!! United By Blue hits home for me. I grew up on the ocean on Long Island, NY. Therefore, any brand that helps clean up the ocean will hold a special place in my heart.

What is your favorite part about working here?

  •  The shared passion between so many beautiful people! I am inspired by my coworkers every day! I feel so lucky to go to work knowing that I will be surrounded by people who share the same vision of making a difference in the world, one step at a time!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

  •  In 5 years, I will be the owner of my own company that I'd like to run out of my own home. As a homebody, this is VERY important to me. I will also still have my blog...spreading bits of meaningful conversation day by day. I'd like to be living back on the East Coast near the ocean with my soon to be husband, Jake! I'd also like to have some sweet tattoos. A few lifelong friends. And a dog :)

Sharon studied Marketing at Evangel University and she is about to get married in a few weeks! You can learn more about her on her blog http://freelyronnie.blogspot.com.

September 01, 2014


Meet Olivia! She is one of the oldest additions to the 5 Pound family and we couldn't love her more. You won't meet a more giving and thoughtful girl than her. Read our interview to learn more about Olivia and drop by our Farmers Park store to see how sweet she is for yourself! 
You are such a selfless individual and your love for helping others inspires us! What inspires you to be so giving and thoughtful?
  • Oh thank you so much! First off, I would say what inspires me most is a whole lot of Jesus and also the people in my life! I have some of the kindest, most caring, and most inspiring people around me!
So lets talk about those cookies you always make us for our business meetings.... When did you discover your love for baking?
  •  I actually don't remember exactly when I started baking, I've always loved it and loved baking for people and get-togethers! In these past few years, though, it's become more of a hobby and passion for me.
It is no secret that you are a great addition to the 5 Pound team! What has been one of your favorite memories that you have made working here?
  • One of my favorite memories that I have made while working at 5 Pound is the day before we opened the south side store! A group of us worked all day getting the store ready and running errands while laughing, snacking, and having a ton of fun at the same time! It didn't even feel like work.
 How would you describe your style?
  • Hmmm, I don't really know if I have a certain style, I just wear what I want that day! Some days it'll be girly with pink and sparkly earrings and then the next day I might be wearing all black and boots. I love color as well as black, white, and neutrals! I've always been a big fan of floral, too!
 What are some of your favorite lines that we carry/ organizations that we give back to?
  • Two of my favorite organizations we give back to are The Giving Keys and Krotchet Kids! I love The Giving Keys because each key is personal to you and your story and I feel like each key can tell a story and I also love that they help people transiting out of homelessness! I love Krotchet Kids because of the fact that each lady that makes the product signs it. It makes each thing you buy very personable and everything they make is also very soft and cozy! A favorite line we carry is Tulle just because it's all so cute!
Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • In five years, I would like to see myself done with college and running my own bakery and organization. I want to open a bakery that gives back, kind of like 5 Pound! The future is so exciting and I can't wait to see what's next!

Olivia has been working for us for well over a year now and we love having her as part of the 5 Pound team! She works at our Farmers Park location. These photos were taken at Grayson Home in downtown Springfield.

Meet Kelsey



Here at 5 Pound Apparel, we have some pretty amazing employees, so we thought we should show them off on our blog! So meet Kelsey. She has been working for us for several months now at our Farmers Park location, and we love the light she always brings with her whenever she comes in.


We love how you are such a happy person! You always bring joy wherever you go. How do you manage to stay so positive?

  • Well first of all, I just really prefer to be happy! In addition to that though, I’ve realized that having an attitude of gratefulness and thankfulness is key when it comes to being positive. For me personally, I believe that knowing Jesus enables me to maintain an attitude of such. He is so good, and the love that I have for Him, and that I believe He has for me and for others reminds me that there is always something to be thankful for!

You are such a motivated girl and we love having you here! Although you could work anywhere, why do you choose 5 Pound Apparel?

  • I originally wanted to work at 5 Pound because I LOVED the idea of a business that gave back (and it had really cool things)! Now that I’m a part of the team, I love everything about it: the integrity of the business, the products we carry, the family-like dynamics between employees, and building relationships with the customers. It’s seriously an all around awesome place!

What is an event in your life that shaped who you are today?

  • I can’t really recall one certain event, but a time in my life that has certainly had an impact on who I am today is the time I spent in band throughout high school. I learned how to work hard and be disciplined while having fun at the same time, and then how to create the same type of atmosphere for others. Having the opportunity to be a section leader and a drum major allowed me to learn about leadership from our director, who is one of the greatest leaders I’ve had the privilege of knowing. That sums it up in a nutshell, but the experiences I gained through band, I’ve been able to carry with me even after high school.

What do you feel is your calling in life?

  • I feel like my calling in life is to make a difference. Though I’m unsure of just one specific thing that I’m “suppose to do”, I believe that in whatever I do, and wherever I am, I am called to play my part in turning darkness into light.

How would you describe your style and what are some of your fashion inspirations?

  • Hmm I like to keep it fun and girly for the most part. Sometimes it gets pretty boho and other times it gets a little hobo. However, a closet full of Anthropologie is the dream! For inspiration I like to follow stylish stranger’s boards on Pinterest.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

  • I will finally be out of school! I transferred schools and changed majors as a second semester junior, so that’s something to be ecstatic about. Other than that, in whatever season of life I’m in at the time, I just hope to be fully and intentionally living life, and enhancing the lives around me.

What are some of your favorite lines that we carry?

  • I’m actually really into our own Missouri Is Awesome brand. I love a good not lame t-shirt, and love the fact that it gives back in our own community! I also really love the Giving Keys because aside from simply having awesome necklaces, they help people transitioning out of homelessness!
Kelsey is currently a junior at Missouri State University studying graphic design. All of these photos were taken at Ellecor Design and Gifts, and you can find Kelsey's outfit at our Farmers Park location!

    The Giving Key

    It is amazing that words can make us feel so many different emotions and how one word alone has the power to cause a positive or negative paradigm shift in our lives. Words even have the ability to tear others down or build them up. According to a study by Harvard Medical school, words can nourish the brain or damage it, especially during the years of brain development.

    It seems as if the creators of The Giving Key understand this.

    The idea behind The Giving Key is straight forward. Each key has one simple yet powerful word stamped on it that holds a great deal of cognitive meaning. Some of these words include faith, hope, inspire, strength, love, and dream. Once you receive or purchase a Giving Key you must eventually give it away to a person that you feel needs the message more than yourself.

    The Giving Key takes something as ordinary and seemingly useless as an old key and recycles it into something creative and purposeful, which we believe is metaphorical for the way in which these keys renew life. Each one is made by people who are in the process of transitioning out of homelessness and provides them with an income to create a better situation for themselves.

    Each key represents a new start.

    You can find The Giving Key at either one of our locations, and you can read stories about why people gave theirs away here. Thanks for reading!

    The Reclaim Frame

    Hey everyone! Starting now, we are going to highlight some of our unique brands that we carry in store on this blog once a month.

    So meet the Reclaim Frame! We are now selling Reclaim Frames at our Farmers Park store, but there is much more to this frame than meets the eye.



    This product is the result of a collaboration between Holstee and Urban Ashes, and each one is handmade out of salvaged wood from abandoned houses in Detroit. They allow for an easy way to elevate any 5X7" piece of art, photograph, or standard sized greeting card by simply slipping the item out of the frame.


    These particular cards pictured are made by Holstee, and they can be found at our Farmers Park location. However, if you can't satisfy your every indecisive impulse to change out your artwork with the collection that we have in store, you can sign up for The Mindful Art Subscription and receive one 5x7" archival quality letterpress printed card delivered to your door every month.


     Thanks for reading! 

    Progress Update: Farmers Park Location

    Things have been moving at full speed but we have finally been able to catch a breath to update you on the progress of the new location we are opening up at Farmers Park! We are excited to announce that by the end of this month, the store will be open for business. The tentative date for the new store's opening is April 19th, which is only 10 days from now. Opening up a 2nd location is allowing us to expand, and don't worry, we will still have our downtown Springfield store!

    We know you are probably curious to see what the inside of the new store will look like, so we will be posting photos of the new location on our Facebook page until the opening day, and here are the first two:


    For the interior of the south side store we wanted something that was still rustic, but more industrial and modern than our old location. We have paired wooden trim with iron details and white walls. We even got crafty and handmade our own chandelier out of mason jars and Edison bulbs!


    We hope you will stop by on our opening day to check out all of the new inventory, and if you want additional information about the new location you can find out more by reading our last post. Keep checking back for more updates and photos!

    (Photography by Josh Stewart from Hook Creative)

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