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November 17, 2014


Meet sales associate Wacey- she is about 5'1 and full of spunk! You can learn more about her by reading our interview with her.

What experience in your life has impacted you the most?
  • I don't think I can say what the most impactful experience has been in my life but one of the most impactful experiences that I have had recently is going to the Miley Cyrus concert. During the concert she addressed her transition from Hannah Montana to who she is now and she said this: "The greatest thing about life is that we each have our own. It's amazing that we can each be individuals and different from everybody else." I think that helped me learn that I should hold onto what other people think of me lightly. After all, its my life and the great thing about it is that it is my own. Nobody else can tell me how to live it.
You have such a witty sense of humor and you always have us laughing! What are some of your favorite t.v. shows/comedians?
  • Oh boy, this is a difficult one. Favorite TV shows: The Office, Broad City, Parks and Rec, Breaking Bad, Grey's Anatomy, Bob's Burgers, Bo Jack Horseman, the list goes on and on and on and on... My favorite comedians are Louis CK, Ellen Degeneres, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Paula Pell(she's a writer), Sarah Silverman, and Kathy Griffin
What are some of your favorite lines/items that we carry at the store?
  • Some favorite things at the store are the DPM Fragrance candles (specifically Volcano), The Giving Keys, any t-shirt from Ugmonk, and that buffalo sweatshirt I chose for my pick!
How would you describe your style?
  • I would describe my style as tomboy/simple/BA
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • In 5 years, I see myself living in a big city (hopefully New York City), and hopefully in 5 years, I will have some sort of clue as to what I want to do with my life.
October 20, 2014


We are continuing our interview series with the team, so meet Amber!You are such an artistic girl! Whether it’s changing up the store displays or hand drawing a new sale sign, you always think creatively. When did you discover your love for art?
    • I’ve always been a curious observer, drawing and making things from an early age. I guess every person has that creative urge within them, and in my particular case I was a pretty solitary child, raised on a farm with a lot of free time and space to roam. I had an incredibly (over)active imagination that found an outlet in the visual arts. I found that I got a lot of joy from working with my hands, exhausting my high school art department, and basically living in the ceramics and sculpture studios in college. I drew a lot of inspiration from nature, and used natural and recycled materials whenever possible. I’ll always be in love with the handmade object, but in recent years I’ve had a greater interest in interior design and the created environment. So it wasn’t surprising that I was drawn to Five Pound Apparel’s earthy, upcycled, DIY feel.
    Since we have to share you with someone, we are at least glad it’s another small downtown business, Amycakes. Which do you prefer: baking cakes or decorating them? 
    • My first two years at Amycakes were spent baking cakes and getting them ready for Amy to decorate. The baking process is pretty Zen, actually- measure ingredients, crack eggs, and stir, stir, stir. You get into a physical rhythm and there’s time for your mind to wander- which if you’ve spent any amount of time alone with me, you know happens often and has no real logical pattern. Now that I’m the bakery’s fondant artist, I’m more fully engaged creatively, and focus my artistic energy into sculpted cakes and 2D and 3D fondant designs. So while baking Amy’s delicious cakes has its virtues, I would have to say I’m really enjoying the latter.
    How would you describe your style?
    • Again, if you’ve been around me for any length of time you know that my style changes daily. I usually incorporate at least one vintage item, but I fully indulge in everything from 50’s retro to tattered-converse tomboy punk. My only personal style guideline is, before making a purchase I ask myself, “Is this something I’ll want to keep forever?” Unless we’re talking nail polish or $3 thrift store shoes. In that case, the sky’s the limit.

    What are some of your favorite lines that we carry?

    • I love all of our eco brands, like Sprout, Proof, and Further. I’m particularly fond of the brand United by Blue, who removes trash from oceans and waterways. Being hands-on, I’m very big on practical intervention and love seeing the immediate impact of my efforts. In my earlier, post-graduate and more idealistic youth, I had this romantic notion that I could travel the nation’s lakes and rivers, digging out tires and other trash, living simply, and be perfectly fulfilled in my work. Well, this is probably as close to that dream as I will get. Did I mention their designs are killer?

     What is your favorite part of working here?

    • Occasionally I’ll greet a first-time customer and they’ll be blown away by the store’s design, selection, and concept. (That’s right people, Springfield really is a cool place!) Explaining the origins of the store is always a fun part of this job. And more than anything, I like knowing that the products I’m selling are helping out people and the planet.

    Do you have any long term goals?

    • Yikes, this question! Learn to do my own taxes? Well, right now I’m trying to expand my cake artistry skills and my clientele, and hopefully find more creative ways to express the weird ideas that are floating around in my brain. Right now I’m proud of the things that I’m a part of, loving the friendships I’ve made, and enjoying growing as an artist and a person. There may be more higher education in my future, but that would require nailing down a more conventional career path…and I’ve never been a big fan of conventional.
    October 13, 2014


    Meet Tessa! She is the social media manager for the store and she has been working for us for 2 years now. Read our interview to learn more about her.

    1. What do you do here at 5 Pound Apparel?
    • Basically, I am the person who helps get the word out about our new products and brands that we work with by updating our social media accounts! I am getting great experience here that directly relates to my major, which is public relations. 
    2. You are such a motivated and encouraging person. What experiences in your life have led you to developing your character?
    • I have always had the mindset that if I am willing to work hard enough, I can do almost anything that I set my mind to. My parents raised me to believe that just because I am not always given the same opportunities as others, I can still achieve great things and change the world if I want to. I want to encourage others to believe the same about themselves!
    3. What do you like to do for fun?
    • My favorite weekend hobbies include riding my 1960’s blue Schwinn Bike around and going on trips to amusement parks to ride roller coasters with my siblings. However, nothing beats cleaning my room to the sounds of a Andrew Bird record spinning after a crazy work week! When my room is organized, I am a happy girl. 
    4. How would you describe your style?
    • I love to mix vintage pieces in with earthy pieces when picking out my outfits. Basically, if I could get my entire wardrobe from both 5 Pound Apparel and Anthropologie, I would be one happy gal!
    5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    • I would love to be doing freelance public relations work for various nonprofits and businesses with a heart like 5 Pound Apparel's. My experiences over the past two years of working here have taught me so much about what I want to invest my life in!
    October 06, 2014


    Meet the store manager, Becky Gourley! Along with the store owner Bryan, she makes working at 5 Pound a lot of fun! Read our interview to learn more about her. a

    1. You are such a creative gal and we love the graphics work you do for the store! When do you think that you realized your love for design?

    • Thank you so much! I have always been creative in some aspect throughout life, and in high school when I took a graphic design class for the first time; I discovered something I was pretty good at, that I had no idea existed. I knew after that class that I wanted to pursue design in college. Funny story - when I was about 6 years old, I vividly remember seeing my dad's handwriting for the first time and being so horrified at how messy the letters were, and how he wrote in all caps! So naturally as kids do, I brought him my handwriting book, placed it on his desk, and said he really needed to practice his letters. (He never did, his handwriting is still terrible). I guess you could call that the beginning of my love for type . But anyway, being able to use my love and passion for design & typography at 5 Pound, makes me that much more passionate about my job! 

    2. It is a well-known fact that you are an organized and poised manager! How did you learn to lead others in a graceful and positive way?

    • My parents are both natural leaders and have raised my siblings and I to be leaders throughout life. They always instilled in me to be a positive influence to those around me, and to step up and do the hard thing with a good attitude, no matter how I’m feeling. Also, in high school I was involved with three sports, various clubs, & leadership, so juggling all of those responsibilities for 4 years trained me to get organized—otherwise I’d have a meltdown. So pretty much all of those factors are what help me daily with my management position at 5 Pound Apparel. 

    3. You have worked at the store for a couple of years now! What motivates you to keep growing in your position here?

    • I love 5 Pound and everything we do to make a difference. I am so consistently grateful for my job and completely baffled at times that I get to work at such an awesome place, that I try my best to work efficiently and grow with the business. The sole motivating factor that drives me to work hard each day, is the fact that I truly care about the store’s success. I want to see the business grow, and if I can help in anyway then I will continue to pour my heart and soul into my job. 

    4. What are some of your favorite lines that we carry?

    • My favorite brands: Sseko Designs, because everything they produce is absolutely beautiful and the work they are doing with women in Africa is so inspiring! I also love Ugmonk, because the designs are purposefully designed to be simplistic, which leads the viewer to interpret it his/her own way. (And also because I met Jeff, who runs and designs for Ugmonk, and I was totally star struck—it was so cool!) And of course, Missouri Is Awesome, because of how amazingly soft our shirts are and because they’re just plain awesome. 

    5. How would you describe your style?

    • I would say my style is simple yet classic. I try to maintain a natural but put together look on a daily basis. I am obsessed with neutrals, a good sweater and an awesome pair of boots. I try to keep accessorizing to a minimum, but I’ve always secretly wished I could pull off a bunch of rings and bracelets, but bracelets just look weird on me! But I do rely on 5 Pound for the bulk of my wardrobe.

    6. Do you have any big long-term goals?

    • I think so! Haha, I would say I'm more of a dreamer than a goal-planner. If I had to nail it down though, I'd say I would love to have a really cool UX design gig somewhere, while still being involved with 5 Pound in some form! That'd be a dream. But my main goal right now is to graduate college and get through my senior thesis!


    We are continuing are interview series on the 5 Pound Team! So meet Katie!
    1. You have such sweet spirit and you are always kind to the people that you meet. Are there any experiences in your life that you feel have shaped you into the person you are today?
    • In seventh grade, my English teacher shared her life story with my classroom and how challenging it was growing up for her being poor and bullied.  It hit me right after hearing her story that I want to be kind and caring to every single person I come across in life, no matter who they may be.  Life is too short to spend being rude and bitter when you can be loving others and bringing them happiness!
    2. It isn't a secret around here that you love to dance! When did you first begin taking lessons?
    •  I began taking lessons at the very young age of two.  I loved it then and I love it even more now!
    3. How would you describe your style?
    •  My style would have to be either boho chic or preppy.
    4. What is your favorite thing about working here?
    • My favorite part of working at Five Pound is probably spending time with my coworkers.  Every single one of them is full of energy and love.  It makes for such a positive atmosphere and makes working here that much more enjoyable! I also love that everything we sell here gives back to others locally and globally. 

    5. Do you have any favorite lines that we carry?
    • My favorite line that we carry is probably Blu Pepper. They have the cutest line of clothes!   
    6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    • In five years I see myself still in school working on becoming a successful dentist.
    Katie is currently a senior at Kickapoo and you will see her working at our Farmers Park location!


    Meet Jonathan! He is one of the new additions to the team and you can learn more about him by reading our interview below.


    1. So, you are a really good cook and a few of us have been lucky enough to try some of the food you have made! Is there a reason that you enjoy cooking so much?

    • Honestly, I love making food because it's edible art! I love cranking some tunes in the kitchen and getting to work cooking something good. I just get into my zone and start experimenting with different flavors. I've had some flops for sure, but I've had some pretty happy accidents too!

    2. We love getting to see your photography and videography work. When did you discover your love for film in general?

    • I got my first camera when I was 14 yrs old- it was a mini-DV tape recorder. I soon began filming Christmas, vacations and youth events at my church and then I began to edit short videos with some basic software. A guy at my church took me under his wing and I started interning at his office during the summers where I'd shoot and edit videos all day. I figured out I had a knack for it and it became my passion. I recently returned from studying in Los Angeles where I further focused my passion to pursuing cinematography.

    3. Do you have a favorite video project or film that you have worked on?

    • Earlier this year I shot a short film noir entitled "Tinseltown" directed by a friend also studying in Los Angeles. Film noir was a genre I've always wanted to try and I had a blast experimenting with low-key lighting and obscure camera angles. To date it's some of my best camera work and it was incredibly fulfilling.

    4. What is your favorite thing about working at 5 Pound Apparel?

    • I just love the fact that everything gives back. I didn't apply to work at Five Pound because I wanted to work at a clothing store, I applied because there was actual meaning behind the position- a reason to fuel going into work everyday. I like to look at it as bringing a little bit of heaven to earth with every purchase made.

    5. Do you have a favorite line that we carry?

    • I'm a big fan of Free Clothing Company's  t-shirts. They have some killer designs and I pretty much want all of them!

    6. Where do you see yourself in five years?

    • Five years I see myself getting established in my cinematography career. I'm not sure where that will take me in terms of location, but that comes second to fulfilling the need I have to shoot beautiful images.
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